On our Design trip to Iceland we came across this great little bakery concept in the centre of Reykjavik.

braud-co SHOPFRONT.jpg

This store is a really good example of a brand story and strategy. The brand wanted to create an experience for the customers by creating a journey by engaging you throughout the process.



Their concept was to be honest and be open about the product they were selling and allow the customers to see the baking process and how they achieve such fantastic and fresh baked goods.

Braud - co interior.jpg

They achieved this by showcasing there baking skills through glass windows as you enter the store and then seeing all the prepared products being baked within the oven.


The baked goods are then taken out of the oven and place on to a cooling shelves. Bakers serve you from the trays so that the products remain warm to the touch.


Simplicity here is paramount as they keep there product range small but have perfected what they do. A must to visit in Reykjavik and a great example of how a very simple idea can be executed well.