#DRAWLOVES - Forms in Space .. by Light - Cerith Wyn Evans

The 2017 Tate Britain Comissioned installation magically captures visitors through the use of white light. Suspended along the full width of the vast Duveen /galleries the installation by Artist Cerith Wyn Evans creates a beautiful juxtaposition to the classically ordered space through a series of oversized forms shaped in illuminated clean white neon strokes.

photo by Alex Lentati.jpg

The simple shapes progressively move from a single white neon hoop onto a rationalised composition of shapes where then the illuminated stokes expand and loosens into an almost kenetic tangle of countering lines and curves with hints of the order from the forms before.Although static the composition give a strong sense of movement, acceleration as well as a calmness. The stokes are conversational, sketch like, its like visually looking at a thought in a 3dimensional format.


Wyn Evans describes the arrangement as being based on the notation of steps in Noh a Japanese whilst the installation is "‘a kind of shrine’ its looking at the idea of re-inaugurating its temple like qualities." Each stage brings its own individual relationship, not only with the arrangement of the previous but with the tension and relationship with the surrounding space in the neo-classical halls. 


Visitors try to capture  images of impressive installation without success as the flicker from the neon makes it almost impossible to record, meaning the best way to truly appreciate is to visit and engage with the artwork in the present.

Photo 1 by Alex Lentati, Others by Draw Creative

Draw Creative